Become a Certified Electrostatic Disinfection Operator

Become a Certified Electrostatic Disinfection Operator

360 STERILE offers free training and certification for our customers. At the end of the training you will become a certified electrostatic disinfection operator. 
Not only will you be able to safely and effectively use electrostatic disinfection sprayer technology, but you will have a far deeper understanding behind the technology of what makes electrostatic disinfection so beneficial.   

What will you learn?

To provide quality service with electrostatic disinfection equipment.
Basics of electrostatic disinfection and the science behind the system- how  and why this method works so well.
How to operate an electrostatic disinfection sprayer safely and efficiently.
All health & safety measures necessary for us.
Where the use of this technology is most suitable and advantageous.
Optimum delivery of services with electrostatic disinfection technology  Environmental benefits of the use of electrostatic equipment.
To be able to identify what equipment employs the use of electrostatic technology and determine what does not.

Why should you become certified ?

  • With a legitimate certification, you can ensure trust between yourself and all your customers that you are providing the best service possible
  • This can increase your customer market and opportunities with your new ·  marketing advantage
  • You will have a deeper understanding of the health & safety measures involved and feel comfortable operating this machinery confidently
  • Assurance that every application of the technology provides the best results every time

How to apply to become certified ?

To become certified please email us or call us on the following number. Please send us your order number and the serial number of your unit along with your name and address.  


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